Fundamentals of GD&T

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3 Day Seminar (2.4 CEU’s)

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the ASME Y14.5 standard.

Detailed Course Description (PDF Format)


  1. Introduce the concepts and some of the language of the Y14.5 standard.
  2. Enable participants to understand each of the Y14.5 standard’s symbols.
  3. Bring participants to a fundamental understanding of Datum Reference Frames.
  4. Understand the definitions and the effects of Material Condition Modifiers.
  5. Begin to prepare the participants for the ASME GDTP certification exams.

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Your drawings have GD&T on them (or maybe they are supposed to)! If you have been attempting to work with GD&T, and you lack the confidence to specify or are having trouble interpreting the specifications, this course is for you. Using GD&T improperly can be worse than not using it at all! This program is a complete introduction to the Y14.5 standard. In this program we will focus on the “what, when, why and how” of GD&T. The main goal is to bring all participants to a common, basic and operational level of understanding. The course is a thorough introduction to those with a little to a moderate level of experience with GD&T, but you will not be an expert. Complete GD&T training requires more than just a few days

Program Outline

The program begins with a bit of the history of GD&T, then we look at the cost of designing and manufacturing a part. We will compare the “old” methods of dimensioning and Tolerancing to the Y14.5 approach. In this analysis, we will demonstrate the strengths and advantages of GD&T as a design tool, as a manufacturing aid, as a purchasing (estimator) aid, and as an overall communications facilitating tool. We incorporate many practical exercises to enhance learning, and to increase confidence. The subject matter covered is (as a minimum):

  • Introduction – Objectives, review of the “old” system versus GD&T
  • General rules of dimensioning and drafting per the standard.
  • Tolerance Zones – definition, concepts, comparison to existing systems.
  • GD&T symbology and definitions of controls – particular emphasis on position tolerancing
  • “Bonus” Tolerance – definition and how to take advantage of them
  • Datum Reference Frames – definition and proper construction and selection

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for anyone who designs, drafts, engineers, purchases, manufactures, estimates, or inspects parts and assemblies. Particular emphasis is placed on those who design and manufacture, and those responsible for quality.


A working understanding of technical drawings (perspectives, sections, details, etc.). GD&T Overview and Print Reading suggested.

Continuing Service

At AGI we are particularly concerned that the individuals that we teach actually retain that which their companies and we have worked so hard to present. This concern is precisely why we offer, for each participant of any AGI seminar, access to a senior consultant (usually the instructor of the course) who will be available to answer any follow up questions after the course via telephone or email.

Additional information

Location Chicago, IL, Cross Precision Measurement: Greenville, SC, Inspection Engineering: Sharonville, OH (near Cincinnati), Wingate Schaumburg: Schaumburg, IL, Inspection Engineering - Cincinnati, OH, Inspection Engineering - Cleveland, OH, Inspection Engineering - Norristown, PA, Irvine, CA, Methods Machine; Wixom, MI, Purdue Research Park Indy, RFM - Dayton, OH, Webinar, Wingate Arlington Hts, IL, Wyndam Garden Warsaw, IN, Marlborough, MA
Choose a Date February 5-7, 2020, June 9-11, 2021, August 7-9, 2019, September 15-17, 2021, February 2-4, 2022, April 12-14, 2022, June 8-10, 2022, September 14-16, 2022, October 18-20, 2022, February 8-10, 2023, February 8-10, 2023 - Contact Leslie Foster at, February 1-3, 2023, June 7-9, 2023, September 13-15, 2023, January 24-26, 2024, June 5-7, 2024, September 11-13, 2024

17 reviews for Fundamentals of GD&T

  1. Prasheel Chaganti

    Mark is an unbelievable teacher. His fundamentals are very strong and the way he teaches drawing references to the real world applications really keeps things in perspective. It was kind of a revelation of sorts for the whole group who took this class. Best GD&T class bar none.

  2. Ricardo Solozabal

    GD&T Fundamentals @ HEICO (Hollywood, FL), “The instructor was very good at adressing the most common mistakes we engineers might do when calling out GD&T erroneously on our drawings, and also explaining the concepts of GD&T. I found the class very helpful to my practice and i hope i can use it properly in my future drawings.

    Thank you.”

  3. Mellisa Cross

    Inspector, I feel very fortune to get the opportunity to sit in Mark’s class. The class was interesting, my co-workers and I were very engaged and continue to reference many of the things Mark insrtucted us on. I know we are all better for it. I hope to get the opportunity to sit for the advanced class in the future.

  4. Chris Marinelli

    Engineer, “The Course was excellent for 3 major reasons:
    -Mark is a gifted teacher that knows how to poll for absorption of material, knows the common stumbling points in the course and treads carefully, and breaks down complicated issues into easily digestible chunks of information.
    -The course materials are excellent and written in a conversational, easy to understand style.
    -The demonstration hardware Mark has on hand really helps those who learn better visually.

    In short, he addresses those that learn best by hearing, seeing, as well as reading.”

  5. Harry Marks

    Production / Manufacturing Engineer, Having had an understanding of GDand T, I thought that Mark’s presentation was excellent as I didn’t realize how little I knew. His enthusiasm kept not only myself but the entire group engaged during the training, and fostered many after class conversations. His knowledge of the subject was well reflected in his ability to relate real world application of the daily subject, obviously there was much consideration given to his wide selection of practical 3D examples. I look forward to taking an advanced training session.

  6. Tim Woodruff

    Director of Engineering, My team and I really enjoyed this training. The instructor, Mark Foster, kept the students entertained and engaged, and really made an effort to ensure that the students were retaining the information. I have seen an improvement in how my Engineering and Quality staff are now communicating about tolerance specifications. The material that was presented was extremely valuable, and we are very happy with AGI’s service.

  7. Ernesto Perez

    As a Quality Engineer, I trained and learned GD&T throughout experience, trial error, tutorials and reading ASME Y14.5 to the best of my knowledge. However, Mark Foster in his fundamentals of GD&T, makes this subject a real learning experience that I want to learn more. He uses a well and thoughtful cognitive approach that keeps you interested all three days of training. It’s amazing how much one can utilize GD&T once, one starts applying the language the right way!

  8. Anonymous

    Speaking for me, the class was extremely helpful. The class I previously had covered the material but this one was presented in a far more effective way. Speaking for the others, I only heard positive comments. One colleague told me he was not looking forward to the class but afterwards he was very impressed. Jamie kept it interesting from start to finish.

  9. Jame Tunningley

    Mark was fabulous!
    The big issue that our firm struggled with was datum selection. This was crucial for us since we were dealing with so many sand castings. He thoroughly explained how to select datums correctly, but did it in a way that was very understandable. Awesome instructor!

  10. Rich Mac (verified owner)

    Manuel was a great instructor and made the material interesting to learn. He was very patient when questions were asked and his knowledge is vast. I would highly recommended AGI if you are wanting top notch trainging in GD&T.

  11. Wes Carney

    Product Engineer in Cleveland, Ohio. Jaime was an excellent instructor for the duration of the course. We only had 4 people taking the class and all of us coming from similar backgrounds, so he was able to cater to what we are likely to encounter on a daily basis. Very understandable material and helpful in the workplace. I would highly recommend taking this course if you haven’t received formal training in GD&T. It’s scary how many ways there are to do it wrong without knowing it.

  12. Debbie Sunden

    “Just wanted to give some feedback on the GD&T Fundamentals training last week. There’s been several attendees that have gone out of their way to stop me in the hall and express how much they enjoyed the class and how great Jaime was as an instructor. Many of the attendees feel like they have a much better understanding of the topic and can start to apply what they learned immediately. This doesn’t happen for many of the training events we have.” ~ Scott W.

  13. Jamie Jordan

    Before taking the class I had minimal knowledge of GD&T. Although I’m still a work in progress this class provided me with a tremendous amount of information and Jaime was an outstanding instructor. He walked us through step by step and different scenarios to make sure he covered all the bases. Great work Jaime!

  14. Sebastian Haube

    Had some knowledge of GD&T but this course was vital for strengthening the foundation of my GD&T knowledge. Manuel is an excellent instructor that is able to provide students with constant reinforcement of key concepts during the lecture. Furthermore, Manuel was also able to provide insight into specific case study questions that participants had which was very valuable.

  15. Bryan Satchell

    I am a design/ manufacturing engineer in the Aerospace industry. With 25 years under my belt I thought I knew GD&T. I was wrong in some cases. Don Coon was a great instructor and cleared up any confusion or misconceptions that were taught to me. A must have course for anyone working in manufacturing.

  16. Carson Taylor

    Jaime was an excellent teacher and clearly an expert in all things GD&T. I’m a new engineer with a small amount of prior experience using GD&T, and after taking this class I have a much better handle on how to use it and why I should. Jaime did a great job making a very dry topic as engaging as possible, especially with the challenges of teaching virtually. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who needs any level of knowledge of GD&T.

  17. Stephanie

    Manny was a very thorough instructor. He explained each concept with skill and ease and did not falter when challenged. After he explained each section he made sure that everyone was on the same page and understood what had been described. I would highly recommend Manny to continue teaching to both those who have GD&T experience and also to those who do not.

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