GDTP Certification Prep Course

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3-Day Seminar (2.4 CEU’s)

Course Description

This program is designed specifically to enhance your potential for passing the ASME Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional (GDTP) Certification Examination.


  1. Identify and study to correct your specific weaknesses in your understanding and application of GD&T.
  2. Understand the GDTP Certification Exam layout and question structure.
  3. Compare your sample exam results with the standard and with colleagues.

Detailed Course Description (PDF Format)

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Program Description

This is a technical review based on the GDTP Pretest administered on Day #1, as well as an overview of the real ASME GDTP exam. Practice Technologist and Senior Level exams will be given and reviewed in class to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses in GD&T and to give each participant the ability to systematically prepare for the GDTP exam.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for anyone preparing for either the Technologist or Senior Level ASME GDTP Certification Exams. It is not a beginner program or even an advanced program.


  • The program instructor will be available for post-program questions via phone or e-mail.
  • AGI guarantees that you will be allowed to retake this program FREE until you pass the exam.


This is NOT a beginner program! You should already have a thorough understanding of the majority of the ASME Y14.5 Standard before attending this program. We strongly suggest that you attend or have been trained in or be experienced in the equivalent of AGI’s Fundamentals of GD&T and Advanced GD&T courses as a minimum. The equivalent of AGI’s Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis course will also be helpful before attempting to take this program or before attempting to take the GDTP Certification Exam. If you have any questions about these prerequisites, please contact us.

Additional information

Location Wingate Schaumburg: Schaumburg, IL, Wingate Arlington Hts, IL
Course Dates February 25-27, 2020, June 28-30, 2021, October 5-7, 2021, February 22-24, 2022, March 7-9, 2022, June 20-22, 2022, June 27-29, 2022, October 4-6, 2022, July 11-13, 2023, October 3-5, 2023, February 27-29, 2024, June 24-26, 2024, October 1-3, 2024

7 reviews for GDTP Certification Prep Course

  1. Juan Del Rio

    Metrology Manager, Mark Foster has a unique way of teaching GD&T that makes it fun. Just knowing that I was able to retain what he was teaching because of his methods I didn’t want the class to end. I am now certified by ASME as a GD&T Professional Senior Level. Thanks Mark!

  2. Rob Heller

    GDTP Certification Prep Course, The GDTP Certificatoin Prep Course that I took from Applied Geometrics Incorporated greatly prepared me for the Senior Level Exam. The course identified what areas I needed to work on, the approach that I needed to take and what to expect when taking the exam. Not only did I just pass the test, but I passed with flying colors. If anyone is really serious about taking the Senior Level GDT Certification exam, I would higly recommend taking this course from Applied Geometrics Incorporated to greatly increase your chances in passing the exam.

  3. Larry Weber

    Global Standards Coordinator, GD&T Trainer/Consultant, “There is no way I would have passed the GDTP Senior Level Exam on the first try without taking AGI’s Certification Prep Course. Not only will you greatly enhance your understanding of the Y14.5 Standard, you are given instructions on recognizing those “”trick”” questions and the proper ways to “”think through”” the questions asked. Only 15% of people pass this exam on the first try, but that number would be even less but for those of us who took this course!
    Thanks, Norm and the rest of the AGI Team!”

  4. John Weed

    Awesome Prep Course, Without a doubt, taking the GD&TP Exam Prep Course was instrumental in our being able to pass the test on our first attempts. We believe the folks at AGI are truly dedicated to our success and absolutely unselfish in their efforts to answer any questions we could throw at them during our time preparing for the exam both during the prep class and through phone and email correspondences. They are truly consummate professionals we will recommend to anyone.

  5. Brett Darner

    Staff Designer, Bendix Spicer Foundation Brakes, I attended the AGI 3 day test prep training in Chicago. The training was presented by both Norm and Mark. Without that training I don’t think I would’ve been remotely prepared to take the ASME test. Their knowledge, not only of the test but GD&T on the whole is quite remarkable. Plus they have the ability to communicate that knowledge in understandable ways. I would advise against taking the ASME test without taking the AGI training first. And as one who has now done both I can testify that Mark’s prep test is indeed harder than the ASME test.

  6. Travis Bennett

    Design Engineer, After taking several GD&T training courses with AGI and having first hand experience with all of the instructors over the years, I knew exactly who I wanted to turn to to help me prepare for taking the GDTP senior level certification test. The practice test given during the course was a great representation of what to expect during the actual examination. I’m not sure how I would have done on the ASME exam without this course but I am absolutely certain I would not have done nearly as well I did if I had not taken the course. I didn’t just pass the senior level ASME exam, but I passed at a high percentage. If you are considering taking the ASME exam, I would highly recommend this course.

  7. Joshua Barker

    Senior Designer, This without a doubt was worth the money & time invested. I took the Technologist exam, and passed with flying colors. I am now planning to take the Senior exam. I went into the exam feeling extremely confident after recieving the training AGI provided. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to pass the exam the first round.

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