Top 10 reasons manufacturers consistently choose AGI

Businesses choose AGI because we offer advantages that our competitors do not match.

The AGI Advantage means focus and flexibility. Our GD&T training and consulting
services ensure that your production goals are met with convenient, comprehensive, and
cost-effective instruction and mentoring.
AGI helps you efficiently take GD&T from theory to reality. Here’s how we do it:

  1. AGI Philosophy. AGI makes GD&T work for you on an organizational scale.
    While product functionality is our primary consideration, AGI also helps you
    evaluate the impact of proper dimensional management not only to make design
    improvements, but also improvements on manufacturing, assembly, and
    inspection processes. Proper dimensional management facilitates the collection of
    data for acceptance or rejection criteria and promotes meaningful communication
    between inspection, manufacturing and assembly.

  2. Training Method. AGI training provides you both a thorough understanding of
    the ASME Y14.5 standard and the ability to confidently apply it to your product.
    AGI’s interactive instruction techniques help students fully understand GD&T
    concepts rather than simply memorizing text from a book. GD&T does not have
    to be just theory, it can be used to produce measurable production efficiencies that save money.AGI knows that investing in GD&T training is of no use if the presented
    information is not retained and used by our clients. We place particular emphasis
    in presenting course material in ways both interesting and relevant to students. If
    students don’t enjoy the class and understand how the course material benefits
    them, they won’t retain it. Our courses are presented in an engaging, interactive
    format that generates enthusiasm for the potential of GD&T.
  3. Standards Expertise. Mark Foster, President of AGI, is a mechanical engineer
    with over 25 years experience in design, quality, and GD&T. Mark is a member of the ASME Y14.2 committee and participates regularly in ASME meetings throughout the country. Mark has held management positions in quality assurance,
    manufacturing engineering, and design engineering and is the President of AGI.In addition to Mark, AGI’s other full-time instructors are Norman Crawford and
    Jaime Dadez. Norman is a designer and inventor with over 30 years experience in
    mechanical design and engineering for product development. Jaime is a
    mechanical design engineering expert with over 30 years experience in designing
    with GD&T.All of AGI’s instructors work in industry or have recent industrial experience with
    a wide range of products and processes. Instructors for AGI are all GDTP Senior-
    Level Certified by the ASME in accordance with the qualifications of ASME
    Y14.5.2. Our instructors actively assist the committees involved with developing
    the next generation of GD&T standards.
  4. Customized Training. AGI has conducted training not only in North America
    but Europe and the Near East as well. We have taught everything from single
    workshops for small organizations to entire corporate training programs. We
    regularly tailor programs to address specific drawings, parts, and processes.Our training materials and teaching methods are popular with engineering, design,
    manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and quality personnel. Our clients often
    request on-site training that minimizes operational disruptions and eliminates
    travel and related expenses. On-site training also facilitates adoption of GD&T
    principles to specific industrial requirements.
  5. Client Support. After coursework is completed, AGI instructors demonstrate
    genuine concern beyond the classroom to help students make a positive impact on
    their organizations. We help them apply their knowledge to real world situations.
    If organizations can’t reap the economic benefits of GD&T, then the training is
    only academic.Continued support is also available through free refresher courses and 60 days of
    instructor availability for GD&T questions that arise after courses are completed.
  6. Measurable Results. On request, we can test student comprehension both prior to and after completion of the GD&T course. This gives students the opportunity to gain instructor assistance with any unclear concepts before the course is finished. Companies find testing useful because they receive feedback on the immediate results of training.
  7. Consulting Services. AGI can help you solve specific GD&T problems or we
    can help you develop and implement standardized dimensional management
    systems to improve your company’s productivity. We’ll show you how GD&T
    helps you reach your design, manufacturing, and profitability goals.AGI’s consulting services include review of product drawings and measurement
    plans for meaningfulness, reasonable tolerances, and critical tolerance stacks. We
    also interpret drawings and plans for customers and suppliers. Our design and
    tolerance analysis services include design checking, tolerance stack analysis, and
    design reviews.
  8. Career Development. Successful businesses invest in employee development.
    This is how leaders in any industry maintain competitiveness and profitability
    over the long term. AGI can be your partner in employee career development.Many companies choose to augment AGI’s comprehensive training courses with
    our Employee Mentoring Program. We work side-by-side with your staff to
    implement training course concepts in your products and designs. AGI’s
    Employee Mentoring Program is an expedient way to put GD&T into practice at
    your firm while demonstrating its value to staff me mbers.Top employees are attracted to top businesses and AGI can help your business be
    one of them.
  9. Quality References. AGI has earned a loyal customer base that includes several Fortune 1000 companies such as Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Johnson &
    Johnson, Rolls-Royce, and BAE Systems. We also work with defense contractors
    and manufacturers of precision medical devices. Our client relationships are
    long-term because we successfully help clients improve design, reduce costs, and
    deliver products to market faster.
  10. Return on Investment. Whether you’re pursuing ASME certification for
    individual career development or seeking to implement GD&T principles on an
    organizational scale, AGI training courses and consulting services are designed to
    yield maximum value for your investment. Our rates are competitive in
    comparison to other leading providers of cutting-edge GD&T education.Our instruction is current, comprehensive, and cost-effective. With AGI
    instruction in GD&T, you’ll get the confidence you need to implement these
    concepts in your organization and benefit from greater design and production

Learning how to properly use and manage GD&T is an investment, not a cost.

This is true because the costs of not utilizing GD&T properly can be substantial. Vague
drawings lead to errors that become more costly at each stage of the production process.

If errors are found in the design stage, the cost to correct is minimal. If errors are found in the model stage, the cost to correct is still relatively low. But when errors enter the
production process, costs can escalate rapidly. The costs of corrective measures increase geometrically into the hundreds of thousands or higher.

No business can survive taking unnecessary risks like that. An investment in AGI GD&T
training is a cost-effective means for businesses to better control their futures in today’s competitive market.

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